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Criteria Hub is ground breaking technology that offers an online solution to the problem we often find ourselves facing
of being in the seemingly endless cycle of checking lender policy pages, calling sales lines and BDMs in order to ask
the questions we need answers to when placing cases.

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Mortgage criteria from the following lenders

Accord Mortgages Criteria
Aldermore Criteria
Bank of Ireland Criteria
Barclays Criteria
Bath Building Society Criteria
Beverley Building Society Criteria
Bluestone Mortgages Criteria
Buckinghamshire Building Society Criteria
Cambridge Building Society Criteria
Castle Trust Criteria
Central Trust Limited Criteria
Chorley Building Society Criteria
Clydesdale Bank Criteria
Coventry Building Society Criteria
Darlington Intermediaries Criteria
Digital Mortgages by Atom bank Criteria
Dudley Building Society Criteria
Earl Shilton Building Society Criteria
Family Building Society Criteria
Fleet Mortgages Criteria
Foundation Home Loans Criteria
Furness Building Society Criteria
Gatehouse Bank Criteria
HSBC Criteria
Hanley Economic Building Society Criteria
Harpenden Building Society  Criteria
Hinckley and Rugby Building Society Criteria
Hodge Criteria
Ipswich Building Society Criteria
Kensington Mortgages Criteria
Kent Reliance Criteria
Keystone Property Finance Criteria
Landbay Criteria
Leeds Building Society Criteria
Leek United Building Society Criteria
Lendinvest Criteria
Livemore Capital Criteria
MBS Lending Criteria
MPowered Mortgages Criteria
Mansfield Building Society Criteria
Market Harborough Building Society Criteria
Marsden Building Society Criteria
Melton Building Society Criteria
Mercantile Trust Criteria
Metro Bank Criteria
Molo Finance Criteria
Monmouthshire Building Society Criteria
Nationwide Building Society Criteria
Natwest Criteria
Newbury Building Society Criteria
Newcastle Building Society Criteria
Norton Home loans Criteria
Nottingham Criteria
Octopus Real Estate  Criteria
Paragon Mortgages Criteria
Pepper Money Criteria
Platform Criteria
Post Office Money Criteria
Precise Mortgages Criteria
Principality Building Society Criteria
Progressive Building Society Criteria
Saffron For Intermediaries Criteria
Santander Criteria
Scottish Building Society Criteria
Skipton Building Society Criteria
Stafford Railway Building Society Criteria
Swansea Building Society Criteria
TSB Criteria
Teachers Building Society Criteria
The Loughborough Building Society Criteria
The Mortgage Lender Criteria
The Mortgage Works Criteria
Tipton Building Society Criteria
Together Criteria
United Trust Bank Criteria
Vernon Building Society  Criteria
Vida Homeloans Criteria
Virgin Criteria
West Brom Criteria
Zephyr Homeloans Criteria

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Comprehensive data set

Due to the unique way Criteria Hub has been designed it will have published more criteria than most, if not all, of the criteria lenders publish on their own websites along with most of this also being verified by the lender as accurate.

Built by brokers for brokers

Criteria Hub was thought of, designed and co built by mortgage advisors with nearly 30 years experience of giving mortgage advice, along with developers for the technical stuff! Therefore we are 100% confident that this system will benefit mortgage brokers.

Accurate and verified

Our aim at Criteria Hub is for all the data to be set, managed and verified by the lender so you can be confident that the information is accurate, verified and has passed a sense check by our in house team to ensure that every piece of criteria is clear and easy to understand.

Easy to use

Intuitive so even the most inexperienced advisor can find what they need quickly and easily. Due to the format of how all criteria in Criteria Hub is standardised, the terminology used is the same for each lender therefore it is easier to compare lenders than going direct to their websites, where one lender may use one term or heading, whilst another uses something completely different.

Makes the business more robust

Criteria Hub provides history and printouts for searches carried out providing a more compliant file and therefore giving more protection for the business from potential complaints by providing an audit trail alongside the independently generated product research to show why, from a criteria point of view, a product was selected.

Take back your time

Time is precious and we think too much time is wasted on hold to lenders, waiting for callbacks from BDMs and filtering through policy pages in a hunt for answers. One of the main objectives we work by is to give you an incredible amount of information really quickly so you can spend more time doing the things you want - like enjoying a coffee!

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A search that would have taken me at least half an hour
just took me less than 1 minute! Laura Coady - Advisor

About Us

Our aim is to save you from having to trawl through various lender policy pages
and/or make lengthy calls to lenders to get the info you need.
Our aim is to provide you with the tools to do this.

Our Story

Two of the three Criteria Hub founders (the other is our lead developer) have been mortgage advisors since the year 1999 when things were a little different to today. One thing that hasn't changed much since then is how as advisors we seek out the information we need in order to tell our clients if they fit criteria based on their own personal circumstances.

We often find ourselves in the seemingly endless cycle of checking lender policy pages, calling sales lines and BDMs in order to ask the questions we need answers to, for example 'What is the minimum length of time my client must have been self employed?'. This process is incredibly time consuming and disjointed given the reactive environments we often work in.

So the plan was simple. Let's build a solution to this problem and aim to publish more criteria then you currently can access via lender policy pages. We built Criteria Hub.

Our Philosophy

Provide the most comprehensive source of lender criteria and to keep brokers as the best source of mortgage advice in the UK.

Jason Hegarty
Jason Hegarty Co Founder
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Jason Hegarty

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